The Editorial Board of the Official Blog of UNIO- EU Law Journal would like to express deep gratitude to all the authors that submitted contributions to our blog. We are pleased to share such innovative, dynamic, thoughtful and thorough analysis!


Luís Couto Gonçalves, Professor and Integrated Member of CEDU

Catherine Barnard, Professor of European Union Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge

Elisabete Silveira, Director of Negotiation and Coordination of International Instruments Unit of Directorate-General of Social Security in Portugal

Agustín Ruiz Robledo, Professor at Universidad de Granada

Alexandre Veronese, Professor at University of Brasília

Allan F. Tatham, Professor at Facultad de Derecho of the Universidad CEU San Pablo

Emília Castro, Researcher at Faculty of Law of the Universität Hamburg

Elaine Dewhurst, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Manchester

Dimitrios Doukas, Reader in Law, University of Manchester

Katarzyna Gromek-Broc, Senior Lecturer at the University of York

Cinzia Peraro, PhD student in European Union Law at the University of Verona

Marcílio Franca, Professor at the Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil

John Cotter, Senior Lecturer at University of Wolverhampton Law School

José Igreja Matos, President of the European Association of Judges

Isabel Espín, Professor at the Law School of Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Jorge Ribeiro, PhD candidate at Universidad de Vigo

Luis de Lemos Triunfante, Judge-Second National Expert at Eurojust Portuguese Desk

María Pilar Canedo Arrillaga, Professor at the University of Deusto and Jean Monnet Chair

Maria José Costeira, Portuguese Judge at the General Court of the CJEU

Mariana Alvim, PhD candidate at University of Lisbon

João Marques, member of the Portuguese Data Protection National Commission

João Fidalgo Jorge, Lawyer

Pietro Masala, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (García Pelayo), CEPEC

Ana Landeta, Director of the R+D+i Inst. at UDIMA

Felipe Debasa, Director of the ONSSTKT21stC at URJC

Maria Isabel Silva, Judge at the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Braga, Portugal

Tamara Álvarez Robles, Lecturer at the University of Vigo

Susana Navas Navarro, Professor of Civil Law, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Maria João Lourenço, Assistant lecturer at UMinho

Diana Coutinho, Invited Assistant at the Law School of UMinho

Geo Magri, Professor at the University of Torino

Carlos Botelho Moniz, Chairman – Portuguese European Law Association

Célia Zolynski, Professor of Law at Université Paris 1 – Panthéon-Sorbonne