Welcome to the official blog of UNIO- EU Law Journal!

The initial idea for this blog was to create a data base of summaries of European Court of Justice (ECJ) judgments, within the Jean Monnet Chair, held by Professor Alessandra Silveira, Director of the Centre of Studies in European Union Law (CEDU). Although we considered this to be a major feature that we wanted to offer our readers, we realized that we could go even further, after being inspired by the UNIO- EU Law Journal.

UNIO aims to publish texts which  significantly  contribute to the understanding of European Union law and enhance the  expansion of knowledge in this area, effectively working to promote and disseminate the work of Portuguese researchers abroad, as well as to publish the works of researchers from different parts of the world, especially from Lusophone countries. Thus, even as we contribute to the community of EU law academics, we feel that we can go further by creating a blog that adds a more interactive element, and goes beyond pure academic discourse.

After several meetings contemplating whether to go with the idea of creating a data base of ECJ judgment summaries or whether to develop an innovative blog format, the CEDU as well as UNIO teams arrived at the conclusion that we wanted to go beyond the academic circuit, taking European Union legal discussions and debates to the wider population of non-legally trained European citizens.

Europe is a very big player on the global scene and we believe that legal scholars play a fundamental role in providing information and fomenting reflection.

We are also aware of the growing importance of digital technologies as a tool to spread and disseminate knowledge, so we felt it was the right time to make this move.

We really want this blog to have an interactive element, so we will be very happy to read your feedback and suggestions.

Our blog also aims to promote young editors, explore dynamic content and disseminate creativity. It will be a learning experience for our team and we also hope to learn from you, as well as with you!

This blog reflects UNIO’s commitment to contributing to the expansion of knowledge on EU law, making EU discourse more accessible to all those who are passionate about European Union issues.

__This blog was developed by Alexandra Severino in cooperation with CEDU – Centre of Studies in European Union Law.__