New UNIO issue now online

By the Editorial Team

The Editorial Board is happy to announce that a new issue of the UNIO – EU Law Journal is now online. The 8(1) issue of UNIO mixes contributions from highly respected scholars and from young scholars and addresses issues such as democracy and rule of law, protection of the environment, discrimination and equality, intergenerational solidarity  and  social  sustainability, consumer protection, and research in humanist legal sciences.

This issue also marks a major change in the publishing schedule at UNIO. UNIO wants to be able to continue delivering high-quality publications while keeping their timeliness. For this reason, we will start publishing on a rolling basis. That is to say, papers will be published as we receive them and compiled in an issue afterwards.

We hope this new system pleases both our readers and authors and would like to remind you that we are accepting submissions at UNIO and also at our blog.

You may find UNIO’s 8(1) issue here.

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